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Power-tec SCSI Solutions

We offer a wide range of SCSI solutions - but these are software/firmware solutions to give your existing SCSI card a new lease of life. Most common RISC OS based SCSI cards are catered for. Some solutions will require a EPROM change (PowerROMs) and some are purely software which is burnt into FLASH (PowerFLASH). All our solutions offer the same functionality with in the constraints of the hardware (which generally limits the data transfer rate and/or interupt driven transfers).

Please note that if you have a Power-tec SCSI card, please ensure you are registered as an owner (see Support section), and then you are entitled to free software - but new features are chargable via a Maintenance contract.

PowerROM for Acorn SCSI CardsPowerROM for Acorn SCSI Cards (AKA-30/31/32)
PowerROM for Castle SCSI-2PowerROM for Castle SCSI-2 without a network option on the same card
PowerROM for Cumana 16bit SCSI cardsPowerROM for Cumana 16bit SCSI cards
PowerROM for Cumana 8bit SCSI cardPowerROM for Cumana 8bit SCSI card
PowerFlash for Cumana SCSI-2 cardsPowerFlash for Cumana SCSI-2 cards
PowerROM for HCCS SCSI-1 16bitPowerROM for HCCS SCSI-1 16bit
PowerROM for HCCS SCSI-1 8bitPowerROM for HCCS SCSI-1 8bit
PowerROM for HCCS MicroPodulesPowerROM for HCCS MicroPodules
PowerROM for Lindis/Linguenuity SCSI-1PowerROM for Lindis/Linguenuity SCSI-1 (8 and 16 bit)
PowerFlash for MCS/Connect32 SCSI-2PowerFlash for MCS/Connect32 SCSI-2
PowerROM for Morley SCSIPowerROM for Morley SCSI-1 (cached and uncached)
PowerROM for Oak SCSI-1PowerROM for Oak SCSI-1
PowerFlash for Power-tec SCSI-2/3 cardsPowerFlash for Power-tec SCSI-2/3 cards
PowerROM for VTI/TSP/Arxe SCSI-1 16bit plus HD FloppyPowerROM for VTI/TSP/Arxe SCSI-1 16bit plus HD Floppy
PowerROM for VTI/TSP/Arxe SCSI-1 16bit plus User PortPowerROM for VTI/TSP/Arxe SCSI-1 16bit plus User Port
PowerROM for VTI/TSP/Arxe SCSI-1 16bitPowerROM for VTI/TSP/Arxe SCSI-1 (no extra bits)
PowerROM for VTI/TSP/Arxe SCSI-1 TurboPowerROM for VTI/TSP/Arxe SCSI-1 Turbo

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