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FlashPathFS for FlashPath Floppies
*** This product is not yet available ***

  • Supports FlashPath devices from all leading manufactures
  • Multiple drive support
  • Fully RiscOS 4 compliant including long file names
  • Supports ARM2 though to StrongARM (including Kinetic)
  • One year of technical support and updates
  • Requires RISC OS 3.11 to RISC OS 4.xx, or RISC OS 6 (26bit build)
  • Requires a computer with an ADFS HD floppy drive
  • Requries a FlashPath adapter device
  • This is a file system and driver software only

FlashPathFS for Workstations costs £15 (15 GBP) per unit - note this product is not yet available


There is no postal charge on this item as it is sent via email


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